Secondary Education Today:In Great Demand. Neglected

Who we are without education? No one. Who will hire a person without education and practical skills? No one. Today no employer will ever hire you without a degree. It all starts in the primary school, continues in the secondary and high school, and if you want to be successful in life, ends at the university or college. If you want to live wealthy and healthy, the degree is must-have.

As a rule, secondary education is compulsory, because it’s the basic core of student’s knowledge, experience and life awareness. It leads the pathway to professional prosperity and builds up a committed and socially acceptable individual.

Nevertheless, there are problems young minds can face while in secondary school. First and foremost comes bullying and failures to communicate with other students. There are times some pupils cannot bear the pressure and thus get struck by lack of desire to study.

In such case secondary education online and homeschooling come of great help. A person can study at home determined to cover the very same program kids at traditional schools stick to. Some parents find it convenient and less pressing, but educational authorities usually express certain doubts against the possible benefits of home education.

Thus, when a young student does all the classes at home, she still lacks social communication with peers and agemates. Bullying might be an issue, yes, but hiding away from the problem and not solving it instead is a serious concern that matters greatly, if the society wants to obtain a mentally and morally healthy individual in future.

Secondary education in the US and UK is a bit different, but still there is a lot in common. Hence, the main purpose of the secondary education is to prepare pupils for high school with a subsequent college entering. It isn’t hard, there are lots of compulsory subjects as well as optional to choose from.

Unfortunately, although the majority of students manage to enroll to high school after secondary one, less than 50% of pupils manage to enter the college. High tuition fees and low motivation takes a serious toll on teenagers’ commitment and desire to earn a higher education degree.

Plus it all is happening now, when global financial recession is still in its height. If you take a closer look at what happens in the American educational system today, you might be shocked. Only 1/4 of high school students are ready to enter a college in terms of knowledge in the core subjects like Math, History, Literature, etc. Only 1/8 of 9th graders could earn a Bachelor’s degree, not to speak about a Master’s. Only 1/3 of pupils from grade 7 till 12 can actually read up to the mark.

As you can see, the state of things in the system of America’s education is not that bright as 40 years ago, when US education was considers hands down the best in the world starting from junior school to colleges and universities.

Is there any hope for better future?

Of course, there is. Home schooling and online education have already shown that a person can be taught up to the mark. The only thing needed to make it happen is provide a proper studying environment and educational means like the Internet, up-to-date textbooks, courses, and modern courses in all the subjects needed as of today.

The problem is, even if classic land-based schools have marvelous teachers, students are subjects to bullying and improper behavior, especially in poor districts. Classrooms have too many students, so teachers physically cannot pay attention to everyone and exercise individual tutoring programs.

The bottom line? America loses nearly 40% of potentially qualified and result-oriented workforce every year. Lots of students are sacked out not because they are lazy bones, but because they fail to pay for education. Moreover, 20% of students (those in poor areas) have no internet access at home, so they have to rely on school libraries, where dial-up internet is still used. And that’s quite telling.