Lune Of Hippocrates – Famous Ancient Math Problem

Hippocrates of Chios solved this, nearly 100 years before Euclid even wrote The Elements, and before we knew the exact formula for the area of a circle. This is said to be the first precise mathematical of the area between two curved lines. Learn how he solved for the area of a crescent-shaped lune (same Latin root as luna for moon). And I hope this will inspire you to solve a problem today that students thousands of years from now will learn in grade school.

My blog post for this video

Thanks to Sahil Dey and Byron from Melbourne who suggested the problem!

Alberto Corso, Hippocrates Quadrature of the lune presentation

Wikipedia entry

Dr. Gary Stoudt, Hippocrates Quadrature of a Lune and Calculus, Indiana University of Pennsylvania 11-06-13

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